Jan 2, 2009

Nananyah's Tongue Twisters

Time to have some fun, frolic and faughter, fith funny fung fwisters.... fafafafa! While there are many original tongue twisters in the English Language everywhere on the net, and also in our childhood memories, this topic is essentially about tongue twisters that I constructed myself as part of fun competition on quoteland.com

Right from Amitabh Bacchhan's Kaccha Papad, Pakka Papad, to the very staid Betty who bought some butter to make the bitter butter better, we remember all of them so well. So here's my small tribute to all those yester year fung fwisfers... try saying them for fun!

- Sally sucks seashells so she should sleep supinely.
- Swinging Sherry sat sideways so she surely sang sugary songs.
- Quake Quotient: Quiet quills quiver quite quickly!
- Five flamingos flew flamboyantly fearing from fifty-five freezing furry fuzzie friends.
- One old ominous octopus ozonised outrageously, on odourless ovaries of otters over oxygenated oceans.
- Blimey, Barney!! Bearded Babcock banged bartender Bobby's blue bathtub by blunt blows.
- Moot moments made Magic Merlin marry Miss Merry Muffingbone making meaner morons mad.
- Real red roses rise rather remarkably round Rutherford Road resembling really restful realm.
- Prego!
Pathetic Paula pricked purple papers passionately, putting placid paper pins pressed properly perpendicular.

- Clever Carla comfortably clad, captivated crouching Carlos' coldly claustrophobic close cousins creatively.
Ghastly gargoyles get gobsmacked gathering green gurgling gremlins going garrulously ga-ga.
Chirpy children chucking chocolate charmingly, checked choked chequered cheques chattering cheekily.
Prickly Priscilla, pressed prime prizes primly pasted, past popular propogated pride.
Melissa's midnight melodies muttered magically mellow, merely meant most mother's meet many more mean, morose madmen, monthly. Much multiplied madness! Big Grin

I absolutely adore the last one.

Jan 2, 2009 - Wise Words of the Day.

On That Side, beyond the clouds,
The mountain is blue-green as jade
The white clouds on the mountain
Are whiter than white
From the spring on the mountain,
Drop after drop
Who knows how to see the face
In the white clouds?
Clear skies and rain have their times,
They’re like lightening
Who knows how to listen to the
Sound of this spring?
It flows on without stopping
Through thousands
And thousands of turns
The moment before thought is
Already wrong
To try to say anything further
Is embarrassing.
-- T’aego (1301-1382)

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